jess (cheerjess) wrote in pdxfood,

local champagne/sparkling wine

hello -

any recommendations on local champagne or sparkling wine?  I'm looking to pick up something and carefully bring it to a friend to NYC via plane next week.  I know of local sparkling cider, but that's not what I'm looking for.

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Argyle's sparkling wine is quite good!
Technically, if its local, its not champagne. But I will second the Argyle recommendation. They are the only Oregon vineyard with much of a reputation for sparking wines.
thank you, and thank you for the clarification. I'll see as to where I can buy this sparkling wine.
I'd bet $ they have it at Made in Oregon. But also probably just good ol' Fred Meyer. Even so, it is good stuff. :D

If you have the time, head down 99W and hit the tasting room. It is a nice place and the people there are really cool.
thanks again! I'll take a peek around this weekend. I don't drive so sadly no stop at the tasting room for me..
Merriwether makes one too. Personally I care for neither, but understand the local want. To that end Argyle's Blanc-de-Blanc tends to be the most elegant of the crew.

Enjoy and cheers!