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Salty's for brunch

I had a really nice celebratory brunch at Salty’s On the Columbia the other weekend.

From what I’ve gathered, people either seem to really like Salty’s or find it mediocre. I’m not sure if the differing opinions vary based on dinner versus brunch buffet, but I have no complaints. The brunch buffet included a HUGE assortment of items. This buffet had the largest quantity of items and most diverse offerings than other brunch buffets I’ve dined at. At least 10 hot “main” entrees, made-to-order omelet station, ham and prime rib cut-to-order, multiple trays of breads and pastries, mini-waffles with toppings galore, fruits, veggies, cold pasta salads, at least 10-15 trays of assorted desserts, and, why yes, the SEAFOOD (isn’t that the point of Salty’s anyway?) Dungeness Crab, Alaskan King Crab, oysters on the half shell, raw shrimp, pre-cooked cocktail shrimp, and more.
round one of buffet

Buffets make people nervous. Will the hot food stay “hot” and cold stay “cold” enough? Everything I put on my multiple plates (2 rounds plus dessert plate) was an appropriate temp for me; however some things like warm breads pre-made tend to get slightly soggy in a warmer. My dining partner complained that his mini-waffle was hard, but mine was fine. (not sure if I pulled mine out of the middle or maybe it was a different batch?)

The stand-out items for me were the Dungeness crab, bruchetta with grilled shrimp with some sort of yummy “aioli” sauce seen here:
bruchetta with shrimp

a quinoa fennel pattie with poached egg on top, sweet and sour salmon (think more subtle than the fried Chinese style), mini-waffles with raspberry sauce, vanilla rice pudding with blueberries, and HELL-OOO (*Rachel Ray voice*) the chocolate fountain:
chocolate fountain

A sampling of some of the desserts:
more dessert trays of goodies

There are various fruits and sweets available for stick poking and dipping into the chocolate goodness. Here’s what I picked up.
my full dessert plate
Maybe it seemed silly to choose a mini Rice Krispies treat, but why the heck not? (Okay, in the end I was too full to even touch it. I had one bite of everything on my final dessert round).

Did I mention the complementary mimosas included in the brunch buffet? I guess the Bloody Marys are not complementary.
belated birthday mimosa

Very nice wait staff, food stations staff, and of course, the view is very relaxing. The brunch isn’t cheap, about $30 a head, but I thought it was a great value when you consider the variety of options and cost of seafood alone.

Salty’s had always been a mystery to me for a long time, but no longer. And now they offer the brunch buffet on Saturdays in addition to Sundays.

Salty’s On the Columbia
3839 N.E. Marine Drive
Portland, OR 97211
Restaurant (503) 288-4444

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