Cicada Chef (mrrranda) wrote in pdxfood,
Cicada Chef

birthday deals

Any suggestions for deeply discounted birthday meals (i.e., buy one entree - get one free, or 50% off check)? I'm aiming higher than a free knob of ice cream.

Hoping for Asian, Middle Eastern, and/or fancy, but if you know of Latin/Caribbean, Indian, or other kinds of restaurants offering deals, please post! Not so much into Mexican or standard American fare like hamburgers and chicken strips, though.

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It's not great food, but it's decent and all you can eat. Todai has free birthday meals with another paying guest.
Hmm! Thanks for the tip - seems like it'd be a good lunch option.
I *think* Habibi has a free birthday dinner thing, and it's great, but it's not very fancy.
Thanks, I'll look into it.
Free half foot of beer at Rogue.That's dinner if you get the chocolate stout.
Ha! Maybe I can get them to put a knob of ice cream *in* the chocolate stout, to make an-extra special birthday float.
Todai is really fun, and since you like Asian, it's a must try. Just remember to bring your ID for the free b-day thing.