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Portlandia Gastronomica

Food and the Rose City

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Portland, Oregon (and its surrounding areas) is a haven for gastronomic pleasures and pursuit of good eating. There is a myriad of eating options in the area, ranging from nice, upscale restaurants to small-yet-quaint hole-in-the-wall eateries. The area also boasts a divere array of ethnic and cultural eateries, grocers, and libation establishments. And being a very politically active city, many of the Portlanders take food seriously and with heightened interest.

The pdxfood community is about food and the Portland area. Thoughtful discussions regarding places to eat, places to purchase foodstuff, meet-and-drink locales, upcoming food-related events, impressions of establishments, the social/economic/political aspects of food in the Portland area, and food/drink recommendations are all encouraged in this community.

It goes without saying that Portlanders have diverse interests when it comes to food. Some people may find anything less than a five-star establishment as being beneath them, while others prefer dining on fast food circuit. There are those who prefer certain cultural styles of cuisine, while others' preferences are dictated by their pocketbooks (i.e. college student predispositions). There are those who are carnovores and there are those who are strict vegans. In short, there are different food interests among Portlanders. Please respect those views of fellow pdxfood-ers whose tastes (no puns intended) differ from yours.

This community is intended to be a resource for both Portland-area people and others who are curious about the food scene here in the Rose City.

Here are some guidelines for the community:


-Post thoughtful information which pertain to this community. Keep in mind that with a diverse community like this one, there will be differences of opinions.

-When posting images, use the time-honored lj-cut feature when posting multiple photos, or one which takes up lots of screen real estate. What this will do is display all of the posts inside (or after) the tag onto a separate page (instead of loading all of the post on the main page, which can be ANNOYING when dealing with downloads of photos that take up lots of bandwidth!).

Here is a primer on how to use the LJ-cut feature.

- Try to limit the maximum width and height of images to no greater than 500 pixels (tall or wide). Some of us are using small screens to view this community.


- Post flames, indulge in juvenile drama, and other inappropriate stuff--save those for your own journals.

- Post copyrighted material on here, without obtaining prior permission from the copyright holder. This applies to published article and images. Brief quotes of published works, as well as hyperlinks to those external sources cited, are good.

As the moderator, I reserve the right to remove any posts which blatantly violate the guidelines.

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The moderator of this community is synthcat.