d (jef182) wrote in pdxfood,

Ummhmmmm, This is a tasty burger !


Walker @ Cedar Hills Blvd
2606 Cedar Hills Blvd., 
Beaverton,  OR  97005


Sometimes ya just want a simple no-nonsense burger and fries. These guys deliver that very, very well.

The good:

Excellent burgers with your choice of  many toppings:
(mayo, relish, onions, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, jalapeno peppers, A-1 sauce, BB-Q sauce and hot sauce)

"Fresh beef- never frozen"

They make 'em fresh when you order- yelling back to the guys at the grill "3 Patties !"

The fries- kind of thick, not crispy- but very flavorful and plentiful. Also today's batch came from Pasco, Washington according to the dry-erase board.

They seem to be a Washington, DC institution now making their way to the West Coast.

The decor is straight-up In-n-Out inspired.

They really have their routine down- even though there was a long line it only took about 10 minutes. Totally worth it.

The not so-good

A little spendy- a double bacon cheese will run you $5.89
- what the burgers lack in diameter they make up for in quality and thickness.

Limited menu- they sell burgers, fries, Kosher dogs and Cola- not even shakes.

They only cook the burgers 1 way "Juicy and well done", and delivered exactly that- juicy and well done.

The Pics:
What you're really here to see.

The line goes out the door- but moves really fast past the bustling counter. Those are sacks of Potatos for Fries.

(They use only 100% Peanut Oil)

You get a sense of things to come when you get your bag of burgers and fries- notice the seepage.

First to emerge were the fries- order a "small" and you get a cup, but there's a surprise in the bag...


These were cajun fries, and while I prefer my fries thin and crispy- these were very flavorful.

Now for the burger- this is a "Cheeseburger"

Their regular burgers come with 2 patties, and the small burgers come with 1.

And a cross section with fries- it's a big meaty burger.

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